About Our Collection

You have heard of the four Cs when selecting a diamond, right? You have the cut of a diamond, its clarity and color, and its carat size, but what if we told you that there just might be a 5th characteristic that’s as important and will make all the difference? Chantilly Jewels is a diamond’s 5th C. Offering certified diamonds since 1992, it is no wonder why we are Kendall, FL’s most trusted local diamond retailers.

We understand that purchasing fine jewelry means you are investing in quality and longevity and we also understand that buying a diamond signifies a commitment to yourself or someone incredibly special. So, whatever the case, Chantilly Jewels can help you find the one diamond you are looking for today.

We have a wide variety of merchandise that sparkles. You will be lucky to find not only diamond engagement rings for “The One,” but also diamond earrings, tennis bracelets, diamond pendants or charms, necklaces and more. As a company, we believe in the quality of our products, and we will help you find the right piece that fits your style and budget. Follow us on social media and visit our storefront to see the full inventory!